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Safety Week - Stand Down for Safety



MAY 6 - MAY 10, 2019

Every day, we walk onto construction sites across the U.S. and Canada with one goal in mind – get the job done safely. We take great pride in the role we play shaping the communities in which we live, work and play. But even more than that, we feel an unwavering responsibility to one another and our families and friends at home. It’s what drives us in every decision we make and why we never back down from doing what’s right, and doing what’s safe.

We are taking safety in our own hands.

We know that it’s the little things, done well, every day and on every job, that make the difference. Weaving safety through everything we do unites us across the industry behind a common imperative. So, join us – celebrate safety where you work with an event, continue the conversation on social media and get Safety Week gear to demonstrate your continued commitment to safety.

That’s why more than 70 national and global construction firms comprising The Construction Industry Safety (CISI) group and the Incident and Injury Free CEO (IIF) Forum have joined forces with a single aim: to inspire everyone in the industry to be leaders in safety.

Being safe every day on every job site crosses competitive boundaries. That’s why we have banded together to create and celebrate Safety Week, running this year from Monday, May 6th to Friday, May 10th.


Safety Week Finalist...

Safety Week 2019 celebrates our commitment to working Safe by Choice. In our roles, we face hundreds of choices, but none are more important than our choice to work safe. As stewards of construction safety, we empower that choice—to protect ourselves, our families and the communities in which we live and work.

As part of the Safety Week celebration, the One Family Giveaway asked workers and their families to share what motivates them to work safe and return home safe every day, and submit their story for a chance to win a grand prize. This was an opportunity to highlight the collective impact of each individual family and demonstrate how each story ties us together as One Family committed to building a stronger, safer industry together.

Our very own, Stavros Kiropoulos, SSM and Trainer, was selected as one of the twelve finalists. Click link to view more.


Join the National Safety Stand-Down

To Prevent Falls in Construction

Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction employees, accounting for 366 of the 971 construction fatalities recorded in 2017 (BLS data). Those deaths were preventable. The National Safety Stand-Down raises fall hazard awareness across the country in an effort to stop fall fatalities and injuries.

What is a Safety Stand-Down?

A Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event for employers to talk directly to employees about safety. Any workplace can hold a stand-down by taking a break to focus on "Fall Hazards" and reinforcing the importance of "Fall Prevention". Employers of companies not exposed to fall hazards, can also use this opportunity to have a conversation with employees about the other job hazards they face, protective methods, and the company's safety policies and goals. It can also be an opportunity for employees to talk to management about fall and other job hazards they see.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone who wants to prevent hazards in the workplace can participate in the Stand-Down. In past years, participants included commercial construction companies of all sizes, residential construction contractors, sub- and independent contractors, highway construction companies, general industry employers, the U.S. Military, other government participants, unions, employer's trade associations, institutes, employee interest organizations, and safety equipment manufacturers.


DOB Building News

Construction Safety Week reinforces DOB's core mission of promoting safety for everyone who builds, works, and lives in New York City by overseeing the lawful use of nearly 1.1 million buildings and enforcing safety regulations at construction sites across the five boroughs.

In observance of Construction Safety Week 2018, held May 7th-10th, DOB staff fanned out across the five boroughs to raise awareness about new construction safety regulations, including increased penalties for construction-related violations and new construction-safety training requirements under Local Law 196 of 2017. In order to ensure that all workers are informed of the new regulations and requirements, Commissioner Chandler visited the US Tennis Association’s Louise Armstrong Stadium construction site in Flushing, Queens to discuss the importance of worker safety. The Commissioner also held a Q&A session with day laborers at the headquarters of nonprofit organization New Immigrant Community Empowerment, which works to organize and educate workers.

DOB also continued its Experience is Not Enough campaign by distributing multi-lingual educational materials (available in EnglishSpanish, and Chinese) that offer workers simple steps they can take to stay safe on job sites, emphasizing the importance of safe construction practices. Staff members also worked with our partners at OSHA for their annual Stand Down for Safety events, and passed out information on the Department's new campaign to educate workers about what to do in the event of work-site accidents.
The highlight of Construction Safety Week was DOB's 2018 Build Safe│Live Safe Conference, where the agency hosted over 300 construction professionals and government regulator at a daylong event featuring a series of seminars on subjects related to accident trends, new regulations, and updates to DOB policies, as well as best practices for improving safety. The conference, now in its 14th year, is a critical link between the Department and members of NYC's real estate and construction industries, with a focus on improving safety in the building and construction trades. Seminar presentations for this year's conference can be viewed on our website.


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